Dickson-Gray Electrical (DGE) is one of Auckland’s most highly regarded electrical engineering firms. Why? Our emphasis on clear communication and our experienced staff mean we deliver just what you want and need. Here’s how:

  • Advising on whether value-added engineering is indicated for your project
  • Drawing up your contract for the appropriate cost, performance and delivery method
  • Complying with the contract and performance criteria
  • Communicating with you clearly about any concerns you have
  • Completing your project on time and within budget

We listen to what you say, ask questions to make sure we’ve got it clear, and advise you when it is important to the success of your project – in short we work in partnership with you. That is why most of our clients are long-term, multi-project partners.

We also understand that the best outcomes for you come out of collaborating with other electrical subcontractors on your job.

Client examples: Haydn and Rollett Construction, Hawkins Construction, Fonterra New Zealand, Auckland International Airport Airways Corporation of New Zealand

24 Oct 15
A World First

A World First

Upgrading the Ground Power supplies at Auckland International Airport to accommodate the new Air New Zealand 787-9 aircraft including the…

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